Why You Should Read Books

W tym filmie podzielimy się z Tobą korzyściami płynącymi z czytania książek.


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  1. Reading is important – it develops our mind and makes us remember more than when watching. I read 30 minutes a day and see the effects on my brain.

    • I feel the same. I also think reading boosts my vocabulary and thanks to that I can express myself better. The problem that I face right now is remembering what I read. What do you do to get the most out of what you read?

  2. Reading books is one of the most effective habits to improve life every day. I don’t know why I have understood it so late. In my case I have one part of day intended to reading (befor sleeping). Reading + red light (light without blue light) is efrective option to fall aslep (if you have problem with insomnia). I would like to to read english books in the future… Step by step i toward in this driection 🙂

    • Sound like a good plan. When it comes to English books, I recommend starting with graded readers which are easier and therefore more fun to read. There’re various titles and for sure you gonna find something gripping your attention.

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